Boost Your Self Confidence!

Our mission is that you smile with confidence. We guarantee the best quality for a very reasonable price. We only work with clinics that have the required accreditations and we have had the best results with. The prices for dental treatments can be very high all around the world, but in Turkey with our help you will receive the same service as your home country but you will pay less than a quarter of what you pay at your home country.

We Understand that dental procedures are not covered by insurance in most of the countries. In some instances, our patients declare that our Full package (procedures + roundtrip flight+ Hotel booking + Airport transfer) is half the price they will pay for only the procedure in their home country, so as we always say you will get the best possible treatment and have a holiday at the same time.

Our clinics use the best material, there is no compromise in order to lower the price, and our clinics issue guarantee certificates for the material used.


All of the procedures you can think of we can provide. Our clinics are world class. The procedures include but not limited to, Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, Root Canal Treatment, Implant surgery, Wisdom teeth removal surgery, Smile Design etc.


We know that for some it might not be a deciding factor, but still, it is one of the most important things. Every individual will have their own assessment made once our patient contacts us. The pricing for Dental procedures have too many factors that affect them, so we would recommend you contact us for receiving a quote, and we guarantee the best price performance ratio.

Before and After Dental Procedures

Every procedure has its own process, so we will guide you through. For most of the procedures we recommend a minimum one-week travel plan and in some cases, you might come back in 2 months etc. so once you contact us and let us know your treatment needs, we will provide you a detailed treatment plan.

In case you need we will always assist you, with your hotel bookings, tickets, airport transfers etc.